Silic Acid and fertilizer company

Because organic ingredients play such a large role in our company all formulas are made in a way we can ensure superior and consists quality

SilicicAcid Osa is especially beneficial for the regulation of the absorption of nutrients by the plant. The use of OSA results in increased resistance, stronger plants, optimizes crop nutrition and protection against diseases. OSA is a stabilized product and when added water, the silic acid molecules break apart into monomer form and then they are immediately available to plants

Our new product OSA VITAL optimizes the growth process of plants, counteracts stress and enhances the immune system of the plant from inside as well as from the outside. With OSA2 you strengthen your plants from the outside by strengthening the cell structure and also you bring your plants in a heightened state of alertness, helping your plants to fight infections faster.

This new product contains all natural elements in directly absorable form. Your plants develops with Led Support a high resistance against all kinds of diseases and all possible dificiencies in the diet of the plants are avoided. The organic molecules in Led Support also act as co-enzymes. which ensure that enzymes are activated and the plants will absorb all the necessary nutrients faster.

OSA VITAL protection for your plants.

Special characteristics;

  • top quality products for the greenhouse ? and agricultural market
  • highly concentrated products
  • in-house development and production
  • visible effects; stronger and more healthy plants
  • it optimizes the crop nutrition

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